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The world is increasingly recognising the need to transition to an emerging paradigm, where social and environmental responsibilities (ESG) must be reconciled with financial performance. It is now more important than ever that the health of organisations is defined and managed through holistic, human, and [Total] Stakeholder Value frameworks.


human powered organisations


The School of Management Medicine will launch its first programs in 2023. It aims to be a significant development in professionalising management and will further scale the work of the Maturity Institute; to re-shape and improve business, investment and academia, helping to create a system that re-defines success that benefits everyone.

February 2023 marks the 10-year anniversary of the launch of the Maturity Institute. In that time, we have come of age; gaining widespread recognition for Organizational Maturity and our OMINDEX® diagnostic Standard for measuring and assessing corporate health.

In 2019, our core text ‘The Mature Corporation’, devoted a chapter on how we intended to progress Maturity by Developing Organizational Health Professionals for Responsible Capitalism. The launch of our new School will bring these plans into fruition. 

This, however, is a mountainous task. It requires an entirely new, multi-disciplinary School to explore, research, teach and develop professional management practice in a new field of Management Medicine. Our Standards and Maturity methodologies are well set to provide the necessary foundational springboard to create an ecosystem of teaching and research. 

We will also evaluate success against our Purpose of maximising Total Stakeholder Value; a whole system measure of social impact that integrates corporate financial performance with key Environmental, Social and Governance factors.

We invite those with an interest in supporting or joining this endeavour to contact us directly. In the coming months you will be able to see our initial Prospectus and thoughts about how we envision the School’s development.

The final form that our new School takes, how it expresses its vision, and the extent of its ambition will be determined by those who join the initial Governing Council. We look forward to hearing from you and plan to announce progress and next steps over the coming weeks and months.

For more information please email info@maturityinstitute.com


Management medicine: “The science and professional practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of acute and chronic conditions in corporate management”

 What We Offer

a two-year programme

We offer training to in-house company leaders and managers, together with individual licenses to practice, under the quality assurance standards of the Maturity Institute. This offers companies the opportunity to develop in-house expertise; to utilise and operationalise ground-breaking approaches without the need for external support.

Our training programmes already have a proven track record to ensure replicability and consistency of quality outcomes, while individuals learning the methodologies have responded enthusiastically and proactively to developing their own new skills, which many now regard as essential to their job. 

Professional network

“I have really enjoyed our collaboration thus far and look forward to being actively involved in the Maturity Institute in the future” ; “This is very exciting and I am happy to join MI”  

We have established a network of qualified practitioners; where like-minded professionals, who are deploying Maturity Institute Standards in their own area of practice, can come together to share experiences, knowledge and opportunities to grow and improve.


lifelong learning

The Maturity Institute runs a number of learning and development programmes for leaders, managers and others interested in developing expertise, such as investment professionals. MI is also developing collaborations that facilitate research for the development of a robust evidence based on critical areas of Organizational Maturity and Human Governance.

Our work to understand the organisation through a human lens requires a multi-disciplinary approach and embracing a state of constant transformation and never-ending improvement. This makes it a pathway of lifelong learning, which we encourage you to share. 


Manu kanwar

“Our work with The Matu­ri­ty Insti­tute has helped us to develop our DNA Diag­nos­tic and is amongst the most mean­ing­ful work we do at Lex Solu­tions. We have significantly improved the way we sup­port­ law firms who want to put ESG at the top of their agen­da.”

Charlotte o’Leary

“We are delighted that The Maturity Institute and its OMINDEX® diagnostic standard has become a Supporter of the Impact Investing Principles for Pensions, which provide support to pension funds in adopting impact investing. .”

Professor Atul Shah

“The Maturity Institute are pioneers and have written an amazing book [The Mature Corporation – a Model of Responsible Capitalism], which deserves to be widely read and implemented.”

Dr Joe Zamitt-lucia

“In making practical the concept of Total Stakeholder Value, MI offers a whole system perspective as to how business can be changed to benefit us all – including shareholders themselves. They rightly point out that corporate value and social value can, and should, be aligned in what they call The Mature Corporation. They achieve this by taking a holistic perspective and focus on practicable ways to achieve system change rather than merely putting sticking plasters on to a broken construct.”